Midwinter is traditionally a time of feasting. History shows us that the Vikings enjoyed a midwinter celebration, giving thanks to Mother earth and the rebirth of the sun. The Feast of Juul (Yule) was mainly centred around the Winter Solstice, the shortest day in the year. The Winter Solstice also marks the rebirth of the sun (new solar year). Days gradually become longer and nights become shorter. 

Traditionally Yule was a time to come together, sharing meals with family and friends. A time to count blessings from the previous year and encourage hope and prosperity in the new solar year. 

Decorating evergreen trees was a Viking ritual. The evergreen trees of the Scandinavian forests represented the promise of life even in the middle of winter. All other plants appeared dead but the evergreen still looked full of life, a seed to begin the new cycle symbolising the continuity of life. 

A Yule log was set alight on Winter Solstice and burned down over many days until nothing but a small piece remained which was kept to be used as the lighter for the following year's Yule fire. 

Holly leaves and berries would be used to make circular wreaths or Wheels of the Sun. They would be used to decorate houses and sometimes burnt and rolled down a hill. It was a promise of warmer days to come. A representation of the continuation of life and that winter flows into summer and back into winter again. 

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Yule - the coming together of family and friends in celebration of winter nights and lighter days to come

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Sunday 9th June Yule Dinner

Saturday 15th June Yule Dinner

Saturday 22nd June Winter Solstice Yule Dinner

Saturday 29th June Yule Dinner

Sunday 7th July Yule Dinner

*Other dates by special request

Yulefest at Valhalla is a fun light-hearted celebration of our favourite season, winter. It's loosely based on the Viking's Feast of Juule (or Yule) and Winter Solstice celebrations. In true Viking spirit Yulefest at Valhalla will be a time of feasting, fun and festivities. We'll deck the hall with Yuletide trimmings. Yule themed dinners will take place on specific dates, however other dates can be pre-requested. 

09 June - 07 July 2019 

Join us for Yule - a celebration of our favourite season, winter! As the days get colder and nights get longer we invite you to experience the magic and warmth of winter at Valhalla Perisher....après by the fire, warm mead, delicious meals, friendly alpine ambiance and spectacular panoramic views.

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alpine lodge style dining
alpine lodge style dining

The feast of Yule will begin at 5pm in our spacious lounge with it's spectacular floor to ceiling panoramic views. Here by the fireside you can warm your sole with a complimentary glass of mead, the traditional drink of the Viking. (Served to guests 18 years and over). Relax, chat and laugh with fellow guests as you nibble on the Valhalla Cheese Platter. The ringing of the bell will signify it's time to take your position in the cosy alpine Dining Hall of Valhalla. Here you will dine as a family of friends; enjoying a delicious three-course Yule themed dinner. .

Viking Yule traditions

 We will drench ourselves in the light of all things good:

the warmth of the fire, friendships, food and warm mead. 

alpine lodge style dining
alpine lodge style dining
alpine lodge style dining
alpine lodge style dining